Five food to increase semen volume naturally

Want a 100% natural way to finish like a porn star every time you orgasm? There are foods and nutrients you can eat to help provide a better orgasm every time you ejaculate. Having the right diet can help boost your semen volume.

Since semen is composed of things like amino acids, zinc, and fructose, increasing these in your diet can help nourish your body and provide the nutrients it needs to increase your output.

1. Water
You know all those people nagging you to drink eight ounces of water a day? Turns out, they were right. And beyond just being good for your health, drinking lots of water is good for producing the maximum amount of semen to ejaculate.

For men looking to boost their results, try 8-10 glasses of water a day. Keep in mind each “glass” is a relatively small eight ounces. A normal-sized, half-liter water bottle counts as two glasses while a one-liter bottle counts as four. You can also try sparkling waters as well.

2. Maca
While it’s often found in pills and capsules as a supplement, this Peruivan superfood is herbaceous plant growing high in the Andes mountains. It’s sexual uses were first discovered when a farmer noticed his goats getting hornier after eating the stuff. While surveys have found different results on its effects from aiding sexual dysfunction to improving sperm quality, it has been show that maca helps increase semen volume in men.

It has also been said that standardized maca containing macamides and macenes can help boost your semen volume more. While maca is a food and is eaten by some in other countries as such, it can be found mixed with horny goat weed as well.

3. Celery
It’s been said porn star Peter North eats stalks and stalks of celery to pump up his semen volume before a “shoot”. That’s because celery is said to considerably increase semen quantity, as well as improve ejaculation force. While on stick might not have you shooting that much further, celery is easy to add to your diet and it’s great for you.

It will take a few days to see the results from eating celery, but you may get the added benefit of androsterone. Androsterone is found in celery and is a pheromone that attracts women.

4. Eggs
Some people say to drink lots of milk in order to produce more semen. In reality, milk makes your semen taste bad and too much dairy can screw up your bodybuilding. Eggs contain lots of protein as well – 7 grams in an extra large egg – yet few calories. Since semen is largely protein, fueling up on extra protein like eggs will help increase your volume. Eggs also contain amino acids needed to produce more semen.

Some have said egg whites help increase semen volume with added thickness as well.

5. Walnuts
These tasty nuts are chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids, which were discovered to improve blood flow to the genitals and improve sexual performance. One handful of walnuts contains twice your antioxidant needs. And they’re also good for your body in other ways. Most men don’t get enough omega-3s to help boost sperm and semen performance, so nuts can come in handy.

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