Does eating oysters help increase semen volume?

Oysters have long been known as an aphrodisiac. Casanova was said to have eaten fifty oysters a day to improve his sexual stamina. After all, oysters do tend to resemble the shape of a vagina.

In fact, oysters are rich in zinc and amino acids that heighten desire. Scientists have even identified springtime oysters as the richest in sex-enhancing qualities. They even enhance female lubrication.

However, thanks to those amino acids, oysters are also great for helping to increase semen volume. Many people find that sex after eating oysters is intense. And with oysters having the highest concentrations of zinc in one food, they can certainly help you produce more semen. All that zinc helps you produce more testosterone and helps get your body pumped up for bigger semen loads.

It’s true: oysters aren’t exactly the tastiest thing to eat. But if you can take them, it could improve your sex life.

You should be careful, however, as oysters live on the bottom of the sea which is becoming more and more polluted. If you can’t stomach oysters, try these Five food to increase semen volume naturally.

Have you eaten oysters to up your semen loads before? Tell us what happened in the comments below.

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