Does arginine increase semen volume naturally?

Does arginine (l-arginine HCL) help increase semen volume naturally?

Does arginine (l-arginine HCL) help increase semen volume naturally?

Arginine – also known as L-arginine – is one of the most common amino acids. Arginine is deemed an essential amino acid for mammals including humans, and assists in many daily functions in the body such as wound healing, removing waste from your organs, and maintaining immune function.

While most people get enough arginine without supplementation, taking an arginine supplement can definitely help increase semen volume naturally.

Arginine is one of the top supplements to greatly increase semen volume.

In fact, it is even speculated to be porn star Peter North’s “dirty little secret” to creating huge finishes in his movies.

These four things almost doubled my loads in a month

Arginine really does increase semen quantity by what seems like a metric ton, but you have to give it time to kick-in. After a few weeks, however, you should begin to see the results of the stuff impacting your semen volume. Some guys see results in two weeks, while others need closer to a month.

Arginine is also known for producing firmer, longer lasting erections. That’s because arginine is turned into nitric oxide in your body; nitric oxide is a powerful neurotransmitter that relaxes blood vessels and allows more blood to flow to your genitals. It also increase sensation in the body.

In medical trials, arginine has been used safely with minor side effects. Abdominal pain and bloating was among the most common side effects. Arginine may interact with certain medications that lower blood pressure because of how it acts on the blood vessels. It may also interact with ED medications like Viagra.

Arginine is one of the big power players you want to look into if you want to increase semen volume naturally. However, it is recommended that arginine be taken in combination with L-lysine in order to achieve maximum effectiveness. Arginine without lysine will not give you the full semen volume increases you’re after.

I prefer arginine powder but it is also available in 500mg tablets. I prefer the 500mg tablets over larger doses because it makes it easier to take smaller doses throughout the day without overdoing it (you get more tablets for about the same price).

For lysine, I also recommend either the lysine powder or the 500mg tablets. NOW Foods makes good arginine and lysine supplements.

Has arginine helped you see an increase in semen volume? Share your comments below.

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